VIDEO: Reportan primer caso de ¡Bacteria zombie en México!

Todo parece indicar que lo que se transmite en las series de televisión, no está tan alejado de la realidad, pues un ejemplo de ello es 'The Walking Dead', producción que retrata un mundo plagado de zombie, pero un reciente caso reportado en la frontera de Méxicoalarmó a toda la población de Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

El mensaje decía: "Ayuda, hace 10 minutos escuché unos gritos muy, pero muy fuertes, en que mi vecina, después salimos todos a ver qué era, muy asustados. Mi vecina tenía 2 mordeduras muy grandes, nosotros preguntamos qué era y llamamos a la ambulancia, la señora decía que era un zombie, nosotros nos asustamos y luego nos dijeron que nos encerráramos. Esto pasó en el kilómetro 10".

Rápidamente se disparó el pánico entre los habitantes del lugar y sellaron puertas y ventanas, para resguardarse del presunto zombie. Más tarde, el director de Protección Civil de Nuevo Laredo, indicó que una persona de ojos rojos estuvo mordiendo a la gente.

Sin embargo, creyeron que el atacante pudo haber estado bajo la influencia de sustancias tóxicas. Aunque ya no se supo más sobre este caso, muchos especulan sobre qué fue lo que en verdad sucedió.


Japan is the origin of Pokemon, and the land of spin-off, when it comes to games and toys, so it is not surprising that Japan is undoubtedly the strength of Pokemon for sales and popularity. Second to Japan is not the rest of Asia (although the animation Pokemon has doubled in most languages ​​and the game is available and popular) but North America and Europe, especially the former, where the game is intense out and enthusiastic fans take many events.

Merchandising Pokemon appears to be divided among an audience of older and younger: the older crowd (teenagers) is intended more games and less on buying toys, animation and game Pokemon cards. Players often develop favorite characters, however, and sometimes will buy a stuffed toy Pokemon. Especially now, as the release of Pokemon Black and White, he has literally brought a new anger Pokémon, players older and more traditional crowd younger are buying figures Tomy Pokemon Black and White plush Pokemon and zukan and Pokemon cards which are now seen as collectibles. Nintendo has a great success with anything to do with the series of black and white.

In Russia, Pokemon was suspended for a while for obscure reasons, but the animation Pokemon Pokemon bent of Russian goods and others are back on the market now. Not seem to have captured the imagination of the Russian youth both Nintendo Pokemon as I would like though. Still, Russia is an exception. In other areas, such as the Middle East, Pokemon craze showed the same popularity, as it has done elsewhere, but in some places the cards were banned because of local laws. In England, there were some problems for some time due to shocks fighting among young people about Pokemon cards, but the situation seems to have calmed down and is now back to normal.

Perhaps not so surprising in Hindu India, mainly with its own pantheon of the incomprehensible gods, Pokemon was a national craze for some years, with the dubbed into Hindi and Tamil animation and pop stores in major cities of sale items Pokemon. Madness has stabilized for now, but my guess is that sales are bound to spike again with the introduction of Pokemon Black and White. India seems to be hooked.

In other parts of Asia such as the Philippines and Thailand, merchandising Pokemon has not been a success despite traders would like, but like everything else, the animation is very popular, and where animation is the next popular merchandising general (I'm calling about Disney default). Pokemon Similar figures are from Brazil and the rest of South America. Pokemon games and products are popular in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand as well, almost level in Europe.

VIDEO: Increible la Habilidad de este niño MIRA EL VIDEO

The skin is the largest organ of our body and requires adequate care, if you want to have a smooth, soft and clean face, however, with all the toxins we are exposed to every day and bad habits that we have our skin injured due to free radicals and wrinkles.

Although there are numerous creams, lotions, gels and treatments skin care natural face is the best way to maintain healthy skin. In order to reduce imperfections, blemishes and wrinkles we need to give our skin the nutrients it needs to heal itself from the inside out.

Here are some key tips natural facial care:

- Drink plenty of water every day
- Eat fruits and vegetables
- Consumption of foods rich in vitamins
- exercise
- Taking vitamin C
- Avoid smoking and alcohol
- Avoid chemical cosmetics
- You can use a home remedy lik a natural or other fruit avocado on your skin

There are many recipes for natural skin care that can be done at home with natural ingredients that are available in the supermarket, however, there are many ingredients in different parts of the world that have potent anti-aging properties. Even if you will not be able to make a natural cream at home with all these ingredients, you can buy a cream natural skin care.

The upper organic creams are New Zealand and are made with ingredients like avocado extract, jojoba oil, manuka honey, grape seed oil, vitamin, water and natural compouns as CoenzymeQ10 and CynergyTK.

important I take vitamin C because it increases collagen levels in the skin, but the compound called CynergyTK has the ability to stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin naturally.

To maintain good facial appearance is necessary to take more care of your skin pop, so stay away from harmful chemicals like parabens, petrolatum, alcohol and mineral oil that many creams contain popular.

VIDEO: Donald Trump expulsa a un bebé de su mitin

Donald Trump has always had to deal with competition. It was one of five children of Mary Anne and Fred Trump and seems to have had no problem standing out among his brothers. I think this was a sign of things to come. Unlike many privileged children who end up losing their lives and fortunes, Donald took the advantage of being children of wealthy parents and and ran with it. Trump became a very rich and very public figure in the 1980s In the 1990s he was already a legendary figure in New York, a city of legendary figures. In the first decade of the 2000s, Donald became a star of reality television like "The Apprentice" and then "Celebrity Apprentice" had an impact on television audiences. Always reinventing, Trump has recently changed its series of reality show and moved beyond his business empire run for the US presidency in 2016 elections.

It was not a surprise to many of us when Donald took almost immediately in a large field of Republican candidates. Some people were surprised by your comments on major national issues such as illegal immigration and abuse of veterans by their own government. Many predicted his campaign might encounter following several controversial rants, however, the opposite happened. Trump has achieved a nerve with the American people. Suddenly, he was in the front row as the first Republican debate took place. Although he had no time more or less than any of the other candidates, Donald Trump could answer what appeared to be some very controversial issues with his own brand of humor and arrogance. Fox News sponsored the event which was seen by over 24 million people and there can be no doubt that Donald had much to do with these record numbers.

To understand Donald Trump you have to understand where he came from. It all began when Frederick Trump came to the US Germany in 1885. He married Elizabeth Christ in 1902 and that is where he started his German origin and his family fortune. Donald's father Fred Trump (who was named for Frederick) married Mary Anne Macleod (a Scottish immigrant) in 1936. The family business is real estate and Donald showed an early interest in the work of his father. He saw all that his father had done in business and learned from him. While living in Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York, Trump attended the Kew Forest School in Forest Hills. He had trouble concentrating on their school work and was finally fired. His parents hoped fix by sending Donald to the Military Academy in New York. It must have worked, because Trump then went on to attend the prestigious Fordham University.